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Jane Austen quote

Four things tag

I've been tagged by Carissa from Musings of an Introvert.

Four jobs I've had:
1. PhD student/researcher
2. Administrative assistent (multiple times)
3. Bookstore employee (for exactly one week...)
4. Cleaning lady

Four things I don't eat:
1. Non-organic (or non-free range) meat: a few years ago I decided to take my own feelings about how animals are treated in the meat industry seriously and go organic-only
2. (Hardly any) tuna: I do really like tuna, but it's very much endangered by overfishing. So there are only a few brands, with a reliable sustainability story, that I do buy and then only once in a while
3. Spicy food: I'm very old-fashioned in this regard, I really don't like my food with more than a hint of spice!
4. Coffee: I've never gotten 'into' coffee, give me a fresh cup-of-tea any time of the day!

Four places I've lived:
1. Friesland, the Northernmost province of The Netherlands (two different homes)
2. Zeist, about the middle of The Netherlands (one building, 4 different rooms/appartments)
3. Ede, The Netherlands (a stint of a few weeks at a friend's house, when I was in-between rooms in Zeist)

Castle 'Slot Zeist' in my city of Zeist

Four of my favourite foods:
1. Chocolate! (one of my current favourite flavors is dark with a hint of seasalt)
2. Sushi (have to agree with Carissa on this one!)
3. Cheese (in many sorts and shapes, I always say: 'I could be a vegetarian if I chose to, but being vegan and missing cheese would be too hard')
4. Salmon (something I often order at restaurants)

Four movies I've watched more than once:
1. Dirty Dancing
2. Lord of the Rings
3. You've got mail
4. First Knight (my absolute favourite movie as a teenager)

Four TV shows I watch:
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Arrow
3. Call the Midwife (so happy the new season has started!)
4. Legends of Tomorrow

Four things I'm looking forward to this year:
1. Getting myself a job....
2. Getting my driver's license (if only I can figure out how to drive on these busy big-city roundabouts...)
3. Maybe visiting a friend of mine in New York, where she and her husband are living for a year
4. Getting myself a new Medieval dress (somethings I promised myself I will do once I get a job)

Four things I can't live without (just focusing on the material here, because God, family and friends goes without saying)
1. Tea!
2. The internet (it's a sad truth, but haven't we all become so dependent on it...)
3. Books
4. My bike (it gets me everywhere and when I have a flat tire, I realize once again how much I need it for my daily live)

Four places I've visited:
1. Edinburgh, Scotland
2. York, England
3. Prague, Czech Republic
4. Rome, Italy

Four pet peeves:
1. People talking in the silence areas of the train (yes, we have silence areas in the train in The Netherlands and it can be heavenly for a good read. If people actually keep silent....)
2. People buying plastic bags in the supermarket (I always feel the urge to ask: 'How many of those bags do you have at home? You know you can re-use them?' I never do though...)
3. People not changing the toilet roll when the old one is empty
4. Certain spelling mistakes

Four things I wish I could do:
1. Call strangers without getting anxious (might come in handy for job searching)
2. Bake (I've always been much better at cooking than baking)
3. Sow (I'm a little bit jealous at my swordfighting friends who are able to make their own costumes)
4. Speed-read (would be great getting through ALL the books I want to read!)
I know I could learn to do 2. and 3., I just wish I had more of a natural inclination for it

Four subjects I studied at school:
1. Infection and Immunity
2. Genetics
3. Hormonal regulation
4. Scientific writing

Four things near me right now:
1. A cup of tea (obviously!)
2. A bar of chocolate (obviously!)
3. Two potted amaryllis bulbs
4. A magazine I was reading while my computer was updating

Wonderful brand of Dutch fair-trade chocolate. Also for sale on the West Coast of the USA, has any of you ever seen/bought this one?


I have to call strangers for my job. Taking calls I am fine with, but having to call I still get nervous.
I don't know what I'd do without the internet!

I'm pretty sure I've seen that chocolate; I think at the import store.
It's a little easier to call from a job situation (at least I felt that way when I was working at university) than calling for info on a vacancy (you feel sooo dependent on what the other's going to say!)

Well, I can definitely recommend the Tony chocolate, especially the orange caramel-seasalt one, it's heavenly!

I loved reading this.  Totally jealous of you living in the Netherlands.  I agree with caring about how animals are treated prior to them becoming our food.  One of the reasons we will be raising our own pigs again this year and starting to raise chickens and turkeys for our own table as well :)

Raising your own meat is I think the absolute best way to ensure the animals have had a good life, you see them every day, you get to know them. Unfortunately, for me this is not (yet?) possible, but I'm always very interested when you write about it.