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Jane Austen quote

Downton Abbey screencaps

Approx. 1900 screencaps of each episode (more like 2200 for the longer episodes 1 and 7)
1024x576 px, .jpg

Episode 1 - Episode 2 - Episode 3 - Episode 4 - Episode 5 - Episode 6 - Episode 7

- Comments are love!
- Please credit birdienl if you use these


Yay! I was about to break down and screencap it myself.

If I could make a suggestion? Some people add samples to their posts so that way you know what the screencaps might look before downloading...you might want to add a couple?
Hello! Thanks for the suggestion. However, if I would add samples they would still be smaller than the real screencaps if they had to fit on LJ right?
omg, yay, I've been dying to make graphics of this show. Thank you so much!
thanks! ♥
SQUEEE, thank you so much. I downloaded episode 3. I tried to download 4 and 5 but they didn't work, so i'm thinking they might be too busy so i'll try them later on. I need to make LOTS of icons. LOTS!

I credited you in my graphics journal resource list. :D
Hi! I hope episodes 4 and 5 will soon work. If not, let me know, I'll reupload.

Thanks for crediting!
I worked out that it's because i've exceeded my download limit. I'll just download them tomorow. :D
Hi, I'm sorry to hear that. I'll check it out for you and let you know what I'll find!
Snagging these for icons and picspams. Thank you! ♥
Oh, wonderful, thank you so much!

I was going to use these to make icons (to upload on my userpics page, but not to share). Do I still need to find a way to credit you?
Maybe you have a resource post on your journal or in your profile page? You could put me on there. If not, it's okay!
I don't actually have one (just because 99% of the time I try to use my own caps). I made a tiny picspam in my (locked) journal, though, and I was sure to credit you there. I'm sorry, I don't want to seem ungrateful or anything, I really, really appreciate having caps! I had to get the episodes from iTunes, no I can't cap them myself.

episode 7

I keep trying to download episode 7 caps but I keeps saying temporarily unavailable.

Re: episode 7

I checked it out and it's working fine here. Was probably just busy yesterday.
Thank you so much for making these! I have downloaded all of them and will definitely give you credit when I use. :O)
I'm grabbing these and will credit when used. Thank you! :)
I've taken all of these, thank you.
Aweeeeesome!! Thanks :D
Downloaded all of these, thank you!
Thank you for doing these! I DL'ed a couple of episodes' worth of screencaps and will probably be back for the rest.
You're very welcome! Looking forward to you moodtheme!